Artist Statement

james-peeryOver the years I have tried to remain true to my original intent as an artist. There really is only one truth. Gratitude makes me thank those who have shared it with me.

To my teacher Eric in that things differ in degrees not in kind. To Frederick Herzberg, who taught me as my Professor while getting my MBA from the University of Utah and said, "There are no such things as opposites. The absence of a thing does mean another thing exists". To the authors of my daily readings including Eckhart Tolle who taught me that the development of a human being is measured by the length of time between thought and perception. And a shout out to Braque who reiterated that thought as, "art is the moment between seeing the painting and recognizing the subject". To Connie Cook, my Professor at Albion (BA Economics) who taught me responsibility. To my Brothers of Sigma Nu there who have gone on to lead extraordinary lives. To Ule Dean for sharing his gift with others. To my teacher Barbi for teaching that beauty isn't perfect. To my teachers Alan and John in France (Marchutz School of Painting, Aix-en-Provence). To my teacher Rudolph Penn in Chicago and Pat Underdown in Detroit (CCS). To L for teaching me how to give and in being the truest example of unconditional love.

To Picasso who said, "I"ve reached the moment , you see, when the movement of my thought interests me more than the thought itself". To Pater Omnipotens as reflected to us in paintings of the Master of Aix. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

The following statements I have written in the past reflect my intention to this day:

July 1992

September 1994

January 1997

March 1997

June 2002