The Galleries

The "brick and mortar" galleries are real although mostly made of cedar and hemlock. They are in one of the most beautiful parts of our country, Northern Michigan, an area carved out by glaciers. I feel it is important that if you are going to buy a painting online that the artist is supported by more than just a website. I was born in NYC but Harbor Springs has been one of the centers of my painting for over twenty years and am proud to have a gallery there and it allows me to better share my purpose with others.


My Gallery on Main Street in Downtown Harbor Springs Michigan is a 100 plus year old building I bought in 2011 and have remodeled extensively. It has the charm of a faux second floor front to the modern edge of a polished concrete floor 1970s Halo lighting and midcentury furniture, including a signed Hugh Acton bench and a first year Eames RAR chair. I am here usually six days a week during the summer season. This gallery contains the "Punch" paintings, with only a few examples of my oil paintings.


The Barn gallery is one block away in the converted hayloft of a real cedar barn built just before 1900. The exposed beams provide an airy charm reminiscent of old black and white photos of some of the abstract expressionist's studios near Provencetown. This gallery contains work of my recent past; oil paintings of Provence, where I lived, still lifes and also figures. Over the years I have framed my paintings with my own designs as well as from our country's finest framemaker, Munn. These paintings I show personally by appointment.