The Artist on "Shark Tank"

Hi. I'm James and this is my business plan:

  1. Sell a lot of large framed affordable paintings that are worth more than I am selling them for.
  2. Let their value be determined over time by the art itself.
  3. Appear very successful, maybe even buying up some of my own work.
  4. Paint another 10,000 hours and don't croak for a while.

To do this I would like to define some words I hear on Shark Tank for you.

Goodwill: What a painting gives to the world. And by the way, you will it to do that and that is good.

Traction: This gift should enhance the world and make people aware. A starting point, a state.

Scaleability: The folks that are enhanced by the art enhance the world.

My business plan is based on abundance. It involves changing through the work and all sorts of goodies like that but abundance means one can stay an artist. Abundance means one can appear successful and not downtrodden. Abundance means that the calling has changed from a burden, a necessary search that depletes to a gift; truely receiving more from each painting. That is the success of being an artist. A question not an answer. 10,000 hours. A shift that occurred on its own. A humble sacrifice to the work. Not thinking and watching your thoughts as you paint.

I used to be an Auditor for Arthur Andersen and also for Ernst & Whinney. Some very successful appearing people ended one of those respectful firms. History has many important artists that did not appear successful like that. How would these people be perceived today? Would you say to your friend, "Oh that painting?, I bought it from this crazy desperate guy"? I am seeing a lot of art that people have paid enormous amounts for years ago fall off the financial price cliff at auction. Why? Essentially the price had no relation to its future or resale value. Think Enron. Appearances. "Why are you here on Shark Tank? What are you asking for?"

It seemed like the right time. I am asking for nothing.

Then "I'm out. I'm out. I'm out. I'm out."

I'm James and this is my business plan.